Still An Ordinary Spectator: Five More Years of Watching Sport – Contents




Football                               An Echo at Rangers

Cricket                                 Don Wilson

Football                              Olympics Games Football – What Do I Know?

Rugby League                     No Trains to Featherstone

Rugby Union                       A Longevity Record at West of Scotland

Cricket/Memory                  A Philosophical Enquiry – Can a False Memory also be the Truth?

Cricket                                The “Nano-drama I Would Most Like To Have Witnessed

Cricket                                The Future of Test Match Cricket

Cricket                                The Future of Test Match Cricket – Feedback

Football                              Under the Rock

Rugby League                    The Elderly, Frail-looking Figure on the Blackpool Right Wing

Rugby League/Motor Sport      Martin Offiah, Ayrton Senna and the Eurovision Song Contest

Rugby League/Clarkson         Scores and Values

Cricket                                    The Western Terrace

Cricket                                    Proper Cricket

Rugby League/Football          A New Season

Cricket                                    “He’s a Player”

Rugby League                       Professional Sport – A Microcosm

Football                                Killing Time(s)

Sport: General                      “It Makes Me Realise What I Had Without Knowing It”

Cricket                                 The End of an Era

Rugby League                      “Rough Play on Both Sides”

Football                                 Into The Valley

Rugby Union                         A Weekend in Bristol

Rugby Union                        Bragging Rights

Rugby League                      Match Programmes – Windows into the Past

Football                               Hoardings and Plaques

Sport on Television             Television Lines

Football                               A Polish Masterclass and “Our Club”

Cricket on the Radio           “Hit for Four”

Gaelic Football                    “Hard But Fair from Gun to Tape”

Football                               Outcomes and Hopes

Cricket/Rugby League         Casual Conversations of a Sports Tourist

Rugby League                      The Shay and Mrs Simpson

Swimming                            We “Gie It Laldy” at Tollcross

Gymnastics                           The Pommel Horse and Darth Vader

Cricket on the Radio            Test Match Special

Rugby League                      Gateshead Thunder and the Passage of Time

Rugby Union                        Return to Scotstoun

Rugby League                      The Garden Gate

Cricket                                 Suspended Animation

First World War                    Ruhleben

Football                               A Stramash in Paisley

Rugby Union                        Stade Toulousian

Rugby League                      Boxing Day Repeats

Football                               The Chances of Success

Football                               Internationale

Rugby League                      “‘Terrible Six’ Would Have Been Proud”

Ice Hockey                           The Clans and the Capitals

Rugby Union                        The Case for Sharing

Cricket                                 Yorkshire CCC – Branding, Franchising and the Diaspora

Hockey                                  I’ll Go To The End Of Our Street

Football                                3rd versus 17th

Rugby League                      An Afternoon in Whitehaven

Cricket                                  The Unorthodox and the Traditional

Rugby League                       The Battle for Fourth Place

Cricket                                   The Past and the Present in Roberts Park

Speedway                             The Eye of the Tiger

Cricket                                   “Match Drawn (Pitch Violated)” – 40 years On

Rugby League                      The Spectacular and Thrilling “Boy Hero”

Cricket                                   Headingley and Hove

Football                                Legends

American Football               Friday Night Lights

American Football               The Alamodome

Cricket                                  “Death of a Gentleman”

Rugby Union                        What’s in a Name?

Cycling/Cricket/Corruption in Sport      Seeing and Believing

Rugby Union                        No New Kitchen

Football                                 Allegiances

Rugby Union/Rugby League      Overlaps and Skills

Rugby League                      Two Cumbrias

Cycling                                  Cycling Nun Raises Irish Hopes for Rio Olympics

Football                                The View from the Milburn Stand

Football                                The Bully Wee

Rugby League                      Humiliation, Tactical Offside – and a Wonder Goal

Cricket                                  Bank Holiday Monday

Cricket                                  Six and Out

Golf/Homelessness             Income Levels

Rugby League                      Eights

Rugby League                      Mr Jepson

Football                               Blue Ribbons and a Talented Sportsman

Rugby League                     Elite Sportsmen at the Top of Their Game